NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Best Riviary in all of Newfoundland Sports : Holy Cross & St. Lawrence

Game 1.  Holy Cross :1 vs St. Lawrence : 0

Goalscorer : Jeff Slaney - Holy Cross

Fans watching the match 
Mike Edmunds accessing the officials

Front Row L-R: Jack O'Rourke & Thomas Pieroway's parents
Back Row L-R : Vic Slaney, Alec Slaney, Greg Quirke, Jocelyn Dunphy, Eugene Brushett, Tom Reid

Always a good turnout for the St. Lawrence v Holy Cross games


Game 2

 St. Lawrence : 0 vs Holy Cross : 0

Holy Cross moves into first place
Holy Cross will be very pleased with the weekend results in St. Lawrence. When all is said and done they got a win and a tie which amounted to 4 out of a possible 6 points. They have taken over 1st place in the league. While the general feeling in St. Lawrence amongst the Laurentian fans is the real proof will come on Labor Day Weekend when it's all or nothing. But for now Holy Cross are feeling good with  a 2W - 0L -1T record against the Laurentians. Both squads  will face each other one more time in regular season play this season at KGV.
Over the years both the Laurentians and Holy Cross have have claimed decades of supremacy   In the 70's, it was the Laurentians's, in the 80's it was Holy Cross, in the 90's it was St. Lawrence. From 2000 -2009 it remained the Laurentians. Since 2010 - 2014 , Holy Cross have won five out of six championships  and they are not going to be easy to beat in 2015. 

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