NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mount Pearl : A true contender in 2015

L-R : Ryan Caines, Justin Pickford, Kevin Oram, 
Mark Reddy, Andrew Murphy

Justin Pickford : 4 goals

Nick Power 

Mount Pearl Are True Contenders in 2015

Mount Pearl defeated CBS 2-0 on Sunday in NLSA Molson Challenge action. They got a couple of goals from Justin Pickford and shut-out goal-tending from Nick Power. The Mount Pearl victory currently puts Mount Pearl into 3rd place. 
I realize it may be very early in the season but Mount Pearl certainly has a squad that can compete with the best teams that are presently competing for Challenge Cup. When I see a team comprised  of veterans such as: Ryan Caines, Justin Pickford, Kevin Oram, Mark Reddy, Andrew Murphy and Taedy O'Rourke, they are really a fairly talented group. Andrew Murphy has been an all-star his hold career and right now he is as good as any defender in the league. While, I feel Justin Pickford has a lot of talent and is as good as any striker in the league and he truly knows where the net is. Kevin Oram, seems to be back in fine form this season while  playing mid-field. With these players you add Mark Reddy, Ryan Caines and Taedy O'Rourke, three hard nose guys that been around the game a long time and can help any team. Plus, lets not forget their Captain, Matthew Hamyln and their number one keeper, Brandon Noseworthy, Brandon seems to have come in to his own this season after toying in net with the Holy Cross Crusaders for a few years. 

The club may need to learn when and where to put the right players on the field, or even,  how to play hard consistently but the ingredients are there for Mount Pearl to contend in 2015.  


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