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Monday, June 8, 2015

CBS Strikers Must Suffer Through some More Growing Pains

2015 CBS Strikers FC Players

CBS Strikers FC Coaches
L-R : Ass Coach - Damien Dyke & Head Coach - Gary Forsyt

Oh The Pain !
CBS Strikers FC Challenge Cup soccer team are back into action after a one year absence
from action in 2014. Head Coach, Gary Forsyt who was also the CBS Head Coach when the team re-entered Challenge Cup in 2011 knows what it is like to suffer from pain and the pain I'm talking about is the growing pains a team must suffer when you enter a new team in Challenge Cup. Corner Brook also got a good taste of this sort of suffering when they were trounced by Holy Cross 9-0 last weekend at KGV.

However, my hat still goes off to Forsyt for his attitude and for his efforts. This man told me that he feels, in order for his region to have complete soccer program, the region must have a team competing at the top level and he is right. Forsyt is also involved with coaching in the all-star program in CBS and again I say "Good for him" but I would also add, "Don't try and over do it, just make sure what ever you do you do well at it."

Slow start
 After four starts this season CBS are struggling and off to a slow start. They haven't yet scored a goal or picked up a point. To date, the CBS club have suffered four loses: 2-0 and 1-0 to back to back loses in Corner Brook , 4-0 home loss to St. Lawrence and a 2-0 to Mount Pearl. However, when I look at this young squad and I see there is youth movement,  how can't I feel anything but good about their their developing approach when I see a young player such as , Josh Hanrahan, a former 2013 NL Canada Games player, taking a lead role on this team.  I realize his development as a player is going to occur on the soccer field not by him sitting on any clubs bench. In concluding, I would like to wish Gary and Damien and the CBS club all the best in 2015.


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