NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, September 1, 2014

Molson 2014 Challenge Cup Champions : Holy Cross Crusaders

Holy Cross : 2014 Challenge Cup Champions

The Big Red Machine defeated the Blue Machine 2-0

Ultimately, it was the offense of Holy Cross that eventually broke down the Laurentians defense that would decide the final outcome of the final 2014 Molson Challenge Cup Championship game.. Holy Cross opened the game on the attack and pretty well carried that strategy for the entire match. The Laurentians were led throughout the game by Clinton Edwards, who was named the leagues top defender prior to the game and showed why he earned the title in fine fashion. Clinton was the Laurentians MVP in the contest. Edwards supported by his partner Marc Pittman and wing backs Darren Pike and Shane Perrott were all forced to be the top Laurentian players throughout the match. These players were repeatedly under constant pressure and fortunately for them they were supported by the leagues top goalie, John Douglas. But as time went on Holy Cross's dominance of the match ultimately paid off. Matt Breen, hit a free shot from about 30 yards and his shot deflected of Corey Mullett at the 78 minute mark and gave Holy Cross that one important goal and a 1-0 Holy Cross lead. For the remaining minutes the Laurentians showed some glimpses of desperation but it was Ryan Yetman who at the 88 minute mark when hit for a beautiful shot from 25 yards and it was a second Holy Cross goooooooool ! A goal that would that would send Holy Cross to victory and it would be the final nail that ended any Laurentian hopes of a 2014 Provincial Championship. Holy  Cross will now advance to the National Canadian Championship in Vaughn, Ontario in October.


Championship Game MVP : Matt Breen

Matt is presented the Gerard Quirke Memorial Trophy
by Gerard's brother, Phil.

A Great Weekend of Soccer

Wow !
 NL fans love their soccer.

The King was there all weekend !

Great Crowds !

Little Nathan Slaney, all wrapped in the Laurentian Blue,
with his parents, Kris and Joanne Slaney


Again, CHCM's Russ Murphy was there.

VOCM's Backtalk host Pete Soucy joins Russ Murphy
during the championship game
and talks soccer.

Way to go Pete !

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