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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Final Today - Holy Cross vs St. Lawrence : The Best Rivalry in all of NL Sports

 St. Lawrence vs Holy Cross
Photos from 1978/79

2013 - Molson Challenge Cup Champions
St. Lawrence Laurentians

2009/2010/2011/2012 - Molson Challenge Cup Champions
Holy Cross Crusaders


Holy Cross vs St. Lawrence : The Tradition Continues

There is no doubt that the Molson Challenge Cup final  between the St. Lawrence Laurentians and the Holy Cross Crusaders is the "Best Rivalry in all of NL Sports." Both teams have a long tradition of winning, both teams don't like each other on the field both but I must add both teams have  a great "Respect" for each other.  Some of the greatest players that ever don a soccer uniform have worn the Laurentian Blue and some of the greatest players that ever played the game in Newfoundland have worn the Red & Gold for the Holy Cross Crusaders. Some of the greatest players that have played the game in recent years will be in uniform during todays match.
What can one expect today? Actually, it a very hard call. Both teams have played each other 6 times this season and their record is 2 wins - 2 loses & 2 ties. Virtually, record wise there is no difference. Defensively, the Laurentians are a better team. Offensively, Holy Cross are a better team. Midfield: the injury to Jordi Slaney has hurt the Laurentians. Fan wise: the Laurentians have the best fans in the sport of soccer in all of Canada and can rank with the best fans in the world.
Who is going to win ?  Score wise, it's up for grabs but I can tell you the "Beautiful Game" is the winner today because the long time rivalry that exists between St. Lawrence and Holy Cross.

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