NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Nationals News from : Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Photo : Game 1 -- Holy Cross vs Manitoba

Tonight - Holy Cross face Nova Scotia
 Holy Cross men may have their backs against the wall  when they face Nova Scotia tonight but I feel you will see the best of this club tonight. In game one, when Cross played Manitoba, I witnessed the best  soccer this club ever played during the first half. The team were very unfortunate not to have scored and were even less fortunate to have allowed a goal but that's soccer. 
 All on the line
Tonight, Cross will have to lay it all on the line. This team has worked extremely  hard for the past four years and this year it was no different. The team has too much character and talent to bow out of medal contention after two just games at the 2012 Nationals. I feel you will see this club put on their most courageous performance ever. 
Good Luck !

At this time I would like to wish the team well and just give it your all and the wins will take care of themselves.

 Holy Cross (Women) vs Nova Scotia

Good Position
The Holy Cross  women have positioned themselves nicely after their opening two matches. They opened the tournament with a tie against Nova Scotia. That's very good considering Nova Scotia have performed well at the National level over the past decade. Then  a 1-0 victory over Manitoba last night has given the club 4 out of a possible 6 points which is great. 
 Winning doesn't come easy
The team must rest today and build from their impressive start. Cross's next two games will be a challenge to the body and souls of this club when they face Quebec and then Ontario. Winning doesn't come easy at the National Level and the team will have to give it their all.
Good Luck!
I do feel that this team can find a medal in Winnipeg but as I mentioned earlier, it won't come easy and I wish them good luck the rest of the way.

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