NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holy Cross rocks Mount Pearl 4 - 0 -------- Feildians shock St. Lawrence 2 - 1

Molson Challenge Cup Semi -Finals

August 31, 2012

Game 1

Holy Cross Kirby Group : 4  vs Mount Pearl /That Pro Look/Molson : 0

Goal-scorers: Holy Cross

Jon Hawco – 1 minute

Steve DeLong – 2 minute

Jake Warren – 4 minute

Zack Wade – 66 minute

Shut –out ; Brandon Noseworthy H.C.
Holy Cross rocks Mount Pearl
Holy Cross came out in this match on fire. Their first goal came in less than one minute of play. At that point in the game, the score clock at the north end of the field wasn't even turned on. Holy Cross scored again at the 2nd minute mark and wow, they scored again before the clock hit the 4 minute mark. I would have to say that this may very well be the fastest three goals scored from the opening whistle in the history of the Provincial Challenge Cup. After this flury of action the rest of the game played was just formality. Cross were in total control and subbed their players in and out  at will. All eighteen players that were dressed for Cross for the match saw action. Zack Wade finished the scoring off in the 2nd half on a free shot, taken at the 66 minute mark.  Brandon Noseworthy recorded a doughnut.

Game 2.

Feildians Ernest and Young : 2  vs St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians ; 1

Goal-scorers: Feildians

Ian Manderville – 43 minute

Zack Hynes – 70 minute

Goal-scorers: St. Lawrence

Stefan Slaney – 23 minute

 Feildians shock St. Lawrence
The state of St. Lawrence are in shock today after their hometown hero's, the Laurentians, were oust from the 2012 Challenge Cup play-offs by the Feildians by a 2-1 score. The Laurentians had opened the scoring at the 23 minute mark when a surprise starter Stefan Slaney lobbed the ball from his outside right mid-field position deep into Feildian territory. The 40-60 KM wind played havoc on the ball and as a result, goalkeeper Michael Bartellas was hand -cuffed on the play and the ball dropped into the net. After that things seemed to be well under control for the Laurentians until the 43 minute mark. At this point, the ball found it's way into the Laurentians box and it struck a Laurentian defender on the hand and as a result , referee Mark Hayward awarded a penalty shot. The charity kick was taken by Ian Manderville and he made no mistake. He scored a dandy putting it right up in the left hand corner of the net. This tied the score at 1-1 .
Second half action
Again in the second half, the Laurentians seemed to be in control but just they couldn't put the ball were it counted - in the net! Then at the 70 minute mark the Laurentians got caught flat footed. A Laurentian defennder shouted  that the ball had left the field of play but in reality it hadn't. Feildians took full advantage of this defensive error. Zack Hynes then took the ball and out hussled and out ran the Laurentians defence and went in one on one against Douglas, touched the ball pass the Laurentian keeper, giving the Feildians   a 2-1 lead. After this the Laurentian coach went to his reserves, subbing in Richard Kelly and little later Tyler Forsey to see what trick these guys could pull out of their hat. But it was to no avail, despite Marc Pittman and Richard Kelly putting the ball pass Bartellas. The Laurentians rang the ball off the cross-bar and Forsey letting go a tremendous blast. But still the Laurentians couldn't find the back of the net. As a result of this shocker, the Laurentians go home and the Feildians will play Holy Cross in the finals. 

Next Molson Challenge Cup Action

Challenge Cup Final

Sunday at 3:00 

Holy Cross Kirby Group vs Feildians Ernest Young

Note – 2;30 PM  ----------- Award Presentation and All – star

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