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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Connolly wants back into soccer !

Gerald Connolly

Connolly looking to get back into soccer

Former Mount Pearl goalkeeper, Gerald Connolly,  is hoping to get back playing soccer in the Provincial Challenge Cup League this summer. Connolly who has been out of the sport the past few years feels he's ready to make the commitment to play the top level of soccer in Newfoundland. Connolly says, " He has dearly missed the game and now is looking for a second chance to play."
Connolly has potential
Gerald who has played soccer since he was just a kid developed into one of the top goalkeepers at the minor level. At the senior level, Gerald was fairly impressive. There were games I saw Connolly put in some top level performances.  I thought he was at his best when Mount Pearl played against the Laurentians.  His strength was his quickness , something that is imperative for a young man that is relatively short in structure- 5 ' 8".  He was a member of  the NL Canada Games team that won a Silver Medal in 2001. He was keeper for the Mount Pearl Challenge Cup Team that were crowned Provincial Champions in 2005. The Mount Pearl team went on to represent the NLSA at the National Challenge Cup in Quebec City.

Gerald - Good Luck and I hope to see you at the field again this summer !


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