NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mount Pearl - 5 vs Holy Cross - 2

Mount Pearl -5 vs Holy Cross -2

O'Rourke leads Mount Pearl to upset win over Holy Cross

Mount Pearl proved to both themselves and to the league that they are for real in 2010. They defeated Holy Cross, the defending Provincial Challenge Cup Champions by a very convincing 5-2 score. Mount Pearl again were led by their keeper Tyler Putt but it was newcomer, Taedy O'Rourke, leading Mount Pearl's offense with two beautiful goals.
Actually, the first half was a fairly even affair with both squads trading two goals apiece. Ryan Yetman opened the scoring for Holy Cross at the 26 minute mark . But just three minutes later it was young Tyler Forsey, using a combination of skill and speed to blow by the Holy Cross fullbacks and their goalie. Then, Sean Drew at the 35 minute mark again the hung Holy Cross keeper Grant Abbott out to dry when he scored, giving Mount Pearl to 2-1 lead. Shortly after Mount Pearl's goal, Holy Cross quickly regained position and it was shear pressure by Holy Cross which forced Mount Pearl into a defensive error and as a result they scored their own goal at the 39 minute mark.
The second half of this match was much different, it was all Mount Pearl. Mount Pearl showed no respect at all for Holy Cross. They out ran them, they out-hustled them and as a result, they out-scored them. Mount Pearl actually scored scored 3 goals to Holy Cross's 0. Both Taedy O"Rourke and Jon Kelly dominated the mid-field and they were rewarded for their efforts as they were the players that were the marksmen on the scoreboard.There's no doubt this game could be deemed as a great confidence builder for Mount Pearl and an eye-opener for the Holy Cross team.

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