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Friday, September 26, 2008

Thomas Kargbo by Gord Dunphy

Thomas Kargbo - A kid with a bright future

Former St. John’s native Thomas Kargbo, who now resides in Calgary Alberta, is presently back home visiting friends. Thomas Kargo moved from St. John’s to Calgary in 2005. While home he has joined a group of his soccer buddies and is playing intermediate soccer with the St. John’s FC Team.
Kargbo, who is 17 years of age, is a prospect of the mighty Manchester United Soccer Team and spent the past summer over in England
training with the Manchester United Youth Team. Kargbo informed me that he “ was scouted by Tony Cont”. He is presently being trained by Thomas Nedderf, the same person that scouted Canada’s own Owen Hargraves. Hargraves is presently a big league star with the Man United Team. When I asked Kargbo what he felt the future would hold for him in soccer, he said, “I am hoping that Man United would sign me to a professional contract in December with their youth team”. Kargbo told me that he also played senior ball in Alberta this year with Pars Soccer Club.

A star is born

In 2005, when the Burin Peninsula Under 16 “A” Team played St. John’s in the provincial final, St. John’s, realizing Kargbo’s value to their team, flew him home for the championship series and it was in the final that his real value came through. He scored two goals in the Championship game as St. John’s defeated the BPSA team by a score of 3-2. In tonight’s contest Kargobo's St. John’s FC team defeated the International squad by a score of 3-0. Kargbo set up his team’s first goal and he scored the other 2 goals. The kid has speed, great vision, super foot work and a dynamic shot.

He is a great treat to watch and hopefully someday we will be able to tune into Soccer Saturday and watch Thomas Kargbo, the superstar performing with Manchester United of the English Premier League. Maybe even when he is interviewed he’ll inform the audience that he got his start in soccer right here in St.John’s, Newfoundland.

Dave Royle and Thomas Kargbo
Dave was Thomas' first coach in
soccer and basketball when he
came to
Newfoundland in 2002.
When Dave saw him play,
he couldn't believe his skills.
was so far ahead of everyone
else.He asked Jeff Babstock to
watch one of
our junior high
school games and suggested that
he put Thomas in contact
the all-star coach of his age
group with St. John's minor

Thomas Kargbo and Gord Dunphy

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