NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, September 28, 2008

London AEK Are In !!! Toronto Real Are Out !!!

London AEK will be the Ontario representatives at the 2008 Sr. Men's National Soccer Championships.

An ineligible player disqualifies Real Toronto from Ontario Title

Toronto Real have been disqualified from participating in the 2008 National Challenge Cup. On Friday, the OSA confirmed Real Toronto used an ineligible player. Real Toronto had signed a maximum 25 players to its roster. It signed an additional player who played, giving the team one more than the allowed limit and making that player ineligible.
A Big Question?
Is the 25 player roster rule a Canadian Soccer Association rule or an Ontario Soccer Association rule? The NLSA has permitted Challenge Cup teams in Newfoundland to register however many players they like. There has never a been a limited number of players that you may register in Newfoundland during provincial competition in a given season. Mind you, I realize that we are only permitted to put 20 players on a game sheet. All Newfoundland clubs are aware that you may register 25 players before the National Tournament. However, only 20 of these players are permitted to play in the Nationals and the coach must submit his final list of players 72 hours before the National Challenge Cup Championships begin. I would`love to get some clarification on this 25 player roster rule.

Gord D.

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