NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, August 4, 2008

Every Day in St. Lawrence is "Soccer Day" - St.Lawrence Day - 2008

The Pride of every Laurentian - St.Lawrence Flag

The two religions of St.Lawrence are; Roman Catholic and Anglican
the real religion of St.Lawrence is - Soccer

The kids playing on the field at half time. Mount Pearl vs St.Lawrence

I love watch the kids playing on the field.

Never Drive the kids of the field. That's why soccer survives in St. Lawrence

Great soccer supporters - Mayor Wade Rowsell, Ray Beck ( formerly of St.Lawrence now a resident of Lord's Cove) and a great honorable soccer man and person, Gerry Harnett

The boys from Marystown, visiting St.Lawrence, love their soccer and they know the game very well

One of my old buddies - Alec (Bo) Slaney - A super fan of soccer and a super critic

Paulette Turpin has a heart of gold and is worth her weight in gold in selling tickets and helping out the St.Lawrence Soccer Association

Johnny Duke a big Lautrentian Fan and a Special Olympian Gold Medalist

Cynthia Farrell doing game photo's for the Southern Gazette
Ernie Lundrigan (St.Lawrence Soccer Association)

St Lawrence's Old Soccer Field, "Memorial Pitch", Home of many Laurentian Hero's

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