NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Friday, August 22, 2008

BPSA Under 16 "A" Results

Game 1: BPSA: 2 - Western: 2
Opening Game
This contest was played at Mundy Pond.In this game the Burin Peninsula carried the majority of the play, outplaying Western by a 75% - 25% margin but the end result at half time was Western: 1 and Burin: 0 . Then at the 47 minute mark it was Western going up by 2 but for the rest of the contest it was all Burin Peninsula. Stefan Slaney and Jordan Spencer scored in the second half onslaught but it was one of those games where the ball just wouldn't go in for the BPSA for a third goal. Despite hitting the goalpost, the crossbar and great saves by the Western goalie, the scored remained tied at 2-2 when the final whistle blew.

Game 2: BPSA: 3 - Mount Pearl: 2
The Best Game of the season
This game was played at King George V Pitch.Folks I've seen a lot of games this summer but this game was by far the best game that I've witnessed this year. I feel young Stefan Slaney from St.Lawrence, is by far the best Under -16 soccer player on the island. Yes I feel he can play Challenge Cup and he can play it now. This kid is remarkable. He's big, strong, fast, good with both feet and his shot is dynamite. It's to bad that his grandfather(Leo) is still not here with us to see him and his brother Jordan play. Young Tyler Forsey from Fortune, that's Walt's son, plays on this team as well. I'm after hearing a lot about this kid and this was the best game that I've ever seen him play. Folks what a game it was!! I've never seen anything this season close to this game in the regular schedule of Challenge Cup play.
In the opening half both teams played hard. The play was even and at the 45 minute mark the score was even at 0-0. But in the second half it was a different story with five goals being scored. At the 60 minute mark, Stefan Slaney let go a bullet. It was one of the hardest shots that I've seen taken at the new King George V turf pitch. This shot hit the crossbar and the rebound came back to Justin Caines from Grand Bank, and he kicked it into an open net. After this goal the BPSA missed four glorious scoring opportunities. As luck would have it, at the 80 minute mark, Mount Pearl were awarded a penalty kick after the ball accidentally struck Stefan Slaney's elbow. Mount Pearl tied the score 1-1 on the penalty. Then just minutes after this goal Tyler Forsey, who was set up by Stefan Slaney, let go a beautiful shot with his right foot, scoring and giving BPSA a 2-1 advantage. When it looked like the game was over, Mount Pearl scored at the 90 minute mark on a defensive lapse by the BPSA making the score 2-2. Then on referee time Tyler Forsey went to the left side of the field, received the ball and went deep into Mount Pearl territory and struck the ball with his left foot scoring and giving the BPSA a 3-2 lead and a very important 3 points after BPSA had received 1 point earlier in the day for their tie in the opening contest.

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