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Monday, July 28, 2008

Under 14 & Under 16, Boys and Girls All -Star "Final Standings "

Gord's Comments; Overall the Newfounland and Labrador All-Stars game scores and final seed were respectable. The Under 16 Boys and Girls 7th place finish was indeed a improvement. The Under 14 Boys 8th place finish with very close scores was ok. The U-14 girls scores and last place seed was a disappointment. Their overall scores and placings certainly needs evaluation. I've noticed that Nova Scotia has placed higher than us in all age categories. I feel that in order for us to move forward, we must strive to be the best in Atlantic Canada .This is certainly a realistic goal of ours. The "Fairplay Award", handed out to the U-14 Boys is a great feat for both the team's members and their coaching staff, Congratulation guys !!!
From these tournaments we must not sit back, we must now get out our progress reports and try to improve our standings in 2009. Listed below are the final seeds of all provinces.

Under 16 Boys All- Stars - Newfoundland placed 7th
1. QC-Quebec U16 boys
2. ON-Ontario U16 Boys
3. AB-Alberta U16 Boys
4. MB-Manitoba - U16 Boys
5. NS-Nova Scotia U16 Boys
6. BC-British Columbia U16 Boys
7. NL-Newfoundland and Labrador U16
8. NB-New Brunswick U16M
9. SK-SK U-16 Boys
10.PE-PEI U16 Boys

Under 14 Boys All-Stars - Newfoundlannd placed 8th
1. QC-Quebec U14 boys
2. ON-Ontario U14 Boys
3. MB-Manitoba U-14 Boys
4. BC-British Columbia U14 Boys
5. AB-Alberta U14 Boys
6. NS-Nova Scotia U14 Boys
7. SK-SK U-14 Boys
8. NL-Newfoundland and Labrador U14
9. PE-PEI U14 Boys All Stars
10.NB-New brunswick U14M

Under 16 Girls All - Stars - Newfoundland placed 7th
1. ON-Ontario U16 Girls
2. AB-Alberta U16 Girls
3. QC-Quebec U16 girls
4. NS-Nova Scotia U16 Girls
5. BC-British Columbia U16 Girls
6. MB-Manitoba U16 Girls
7. NL-Newfoundland and Labrador U16
8. SK-SK U-16 Girls
9. NB-New Brunswick U16F
10.PEI U16 Girls All Stars

Under 14 Girls All- Stars - Newfoundland placed 9th
1. QC-Quebec U14 girls
2. AB-Alberta U14 Girls
3. ON-Ontario U14 Girls
4. BC-British Columbia U-14 Girls
5. MB-Manitoba - U14 Girls
6. SK-SK U-14 Girls
7. NS-Nova Scotia U14 Girls
8. PE-PEI U 14 Girls All Stars
9. NL-Newfoundland and Labrador U14
Note NB Girls had no representative

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