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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wellington Street Complex in Corner Brook

Soccer on the West Coast of Newfoundland
As you can see in the photo's, the West Coast of Newfoundland has come of age in the world of soccer with their new turf field complex in Corner Brook. This facility was constructed in 2008 and has been named the "Wellington Street Complex" . From looking at the photo's the facility is beautiful. Now, the goal of every region in Newfoundland and Labrador should be to get one of these complexes. After all, we are a "Have Province"
President - Chris Grant
Last night I spoke with Chris Grant, President of the Men's Corner Brook Association and discussed with him the possibility of Corner Brook playing Challenge Cup in 2009.The possibility is there but the league may have to adapt to changes.First we must become much more open minded and get more flexible if we are to grow the sport in our province. Actually I liked Chris's positive spin on soccer when talking with him.
More to Come!
Stay tuned ! You'll be hearing more about this and other developments that may occur in the new year.

Photo's of the Wellington Street Complex in Corner Brook

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