NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A different look Scotty Woodfine

Scotty Woodfine 

A different look Scotty Woodfine

For the past number of years it was Scotty Woodfine donning the Holy Cross red and gold. Now, Scotty Woodfine is wearing the yellow and black representing Mount Pearl. When Scotty initially came on the Challenge Cup scene he was the best  kid in the league .  Actually, in Woodfine's first season he won the NLSA Challenge Cup Rookie of the year honors. In Scotty's first two season's with Holy Cross, this young man played extremely well at the Nationals. He was a kid, definitely showing promise.... a young man who looked like he was going to be a future star in the Molson NLSA Challenge Cup League. But since then Scot has sort of got caught up with the number's game with Holy Cross. His playing role with Holy Cross had diminished plus Woodfine showed signs that he was beginning to struggle. He and he was no longer the kid with superstar potential. But as we all see with the pro's sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery. When I heard Scotty was going to Mount Pearl this season I was shocked, definitely I was  a little taken back. But now after looking at Scotty play this season  and talking to him at the field, I feel his change is the best thing he could ever have done. Thus far he has contributed with three goals and is is a great setup man for Tyler Forsey and Justin Pickford. The young man is playing regular and playing with confidence and above all I see Scotty Woodfine smile has returned.

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