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Monday, May 23, 2016

Zack Wade : NLSA`s Top Midfielder by Gord Dunphy

Zack Wade

Top Mid-fielder - Zack Wade
by Gord Dunphy

When it comes down to who`s the best, that`s when you can get some good soccer arguments on the go. For most part, most soccer enthusiasts, can only relate to their own club and that`s not a bad thing. No doubt it`s the players who play the game but without the fans, you have nothing. 
This summer, I will do a few blogs on naming who I feel are the best players are in each position on the game starting with , `Top Mid-fielder `
Mid-field position
Many games are won by the strength of a teams mid-field. For most part the strength of the mid-field demands cohesiveness between the three or four man unit. This will be determined by whether a coach is using a 4-2-4 or a 4-3-3 system. However, one still must admit that despite soccer being a team sport you still need some great individual players playing the game. After watching the first match of the season between St. Lawrence vs Holy Cross , a game which St. Lawrence dominated the first half and scored the opening goal for a 1-0 half time lead. It was during the first half it was Laurentians mid-fielder, Jon Grant who very well may have been the dominant Laurentian . He was constantly on the ball and in the face of  Holy Cross`s, Zack Wade. The Laurentians knew prior to the opening whistle, that to stand any chance in winning this game, they would have to stop Holy Cross in the mid-field and they did this to perfection in the first half. However, despite being shadowed and banged around, true stars still find a way to shine and this is exactly what happened in the second half. Holy Cross led by their ace mid-fielder Zack Wade regrouped, and it all started in the mid-field position, were they won most of the battles.  Not only did Wade lead  Holy Cross in the mid-field he lead Holy Cross`s attack scoring a brace. He scored a dandy at the 50 minute mark, scoring from a direct shot from about 24 yards. He again hit the back again at the 74 minute mark breaking through the Laurentian defense while leaving Laurentian goalie, John Douglas, looking at his team-mates as if an intruder had broken into his home.

Zack`s Four S`s
Zack Wade, is now into the prime of his career. He brings size, strength, speed and skill to the game and above all he brings a high level of consistency to his game.

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