NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Live from Halifax, Nova Scotia - October 2013 National CC/ JT Championships - Gord Dunphy Photos

Gord Dunphy

"I feel it's an honor to be Provincial  Representative for
Newfoundland and Labrador"

Provincial Reps from East to West : Left to Right



2013 - CBS Holy Cross /Kirby
National Jubilee Trophy Tournament
Game 1.  Ontario: 3  vs  Holy Cross: 1
Game 2.   Quebec: 1  vs  Holy Cross: 0 
Game 3. Holy Cross: 2  vs  NWT : 0
Game 4. Holy Cross: 1  vs  Nova Scotia: 0
Game 5. Holy Cross : 2  vs  Saskatchewan : 0
National Placing : 5th seed
Holy Cross/ Kirby

Malorie Harris
 Harris wins National
Jubilee Trophy
Scoring Championship -- 7 Goals

Holy Cross Team Highlights
* Goal-tending : Solid in net : Jessica MacDermid / Jamie Crocker

*  Defense:  Very steady. Led by all -star Laura Breen

*Mid-field: Great defensively but needs to get more offensively involved.

*Offense : Jennifer Bury /Malorie Harris. Harris was the # 1 striker in the tournament. 
Team Performance :  Displayed great heart and determination

Gord's Comments:   I liked what I saw from this team.
A very respectable # 5 seed showing. Definitely a
Gold Medal Team effort. 


2013 - St. Lawrence Laurentians

 National Challenge Cup Tournament

Game 1. St. Lawrence: 0  vs  Nova Scotia : 0
Game 2. Quebec: 2  vs  St. Lawrence : 0
Game 3.  St. Lawrence : 0  vs  P.E.I : 0
Game 4. New Brunswick : 3  vs  St. Lawrence :1
Game 5. St. Lawrence:4  vs  NWT : 0

National Placing: 10/12

St. Lawrence Laurentians 

John Douglas

 Jordi Slaney


St. Lawrence Team Highlights
* Goal-tending : John Douglas had a good tournament and  was Laurentians MVP

* Defense:  The Laurentians were overall solid in this position. 

Midfield :  Good defensively but weak offensively. I can't say enough of good about
 Rudy Norman . He ranks up with my all time favorite Laurentian, Keith Farrell. 
He has leader-ship, skill, and character both on and off the field, the same as Keith. 

*Offense :   There is no doubt that  the Laurentians lack of goal-scoring killed them.

Team Performance :  Overall`, the team did their job defensively but the team 
lacked overall offense and fitness. The play of young Jordi Slaney improved as 
the tournament progressed. 

Gord's Comments:   The team were very respectable in their first three matches. Losing to the eventual  12th seed New Brunswick in Game 4, was hurtful.  However, the Laurentian supporters displayed they are not only the best fans in all of Canada but they are the best soccer fans in all of North America.  

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