NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Molson Challenge Cup Semi Final Action

Two all-star players - Justin Pickford & Jon Hawco -
come through for their respective teams

Justin Pickford - Mount Pearl

Jon Hawco - Holy Cross

Semi -final analysis by Gord Dunphy

Both all -star players, Justin Pickford and Jon Hawco , led their team to victories in the Molson Challenge Cup Semi - Final action on Friday at KGV soccer field.
Game 1- Holy Cross vs Feildians
In the Holy Cross/Feildians game it was a stubborn, hard working and determined Feildians team that took the 1st place Holy Cross team for everything that they were worth and then some. However, it was league leading goal scorer, Jon Hawco, that scored the games only goal of the contest at the 70 minute mark that will give Holy Cross the chance to win their third consecutive Provincial Challenge Cup on Sunday.
Game 2- Mount Pearl vs St.Lawrence
Justin Pickford may have had a sort of , comeback player of the year season , but in actuality he may have saved his best of the season for the play-offs. He scored two highlight goals as he led his Mount Pearl team over the Laurentians in seni-final play. Pickford's first goal came rather early, at the 13th minute mark. But the Laurentians rebounded with a solid 2nd half and it was young Sean Edwards denting the twine for the Laurentians at the 55 minute mark. However, it would take double over-time before this contest would be decided. Kevin Oram scored Mount Pearl's 1st overtime goal at the 107 minute mark and Pickford put the final nail into the Laurentians scoring one of the most beautiful goals, that I've ever witnessed, at the 109 minute mark.
Both underdogs came to play
There is no doubt in my mind that the best two teams came through in their semi -final game and the Championship final on Sunday should be a classic with Holy Cross and Mount Pearl going head to head. However, both the Feildians and St. Lawrence, who were certainly the underdogs in their game, got a lot to be proud off. The Feildians put in one of the hardest working efforts of all times. They really put themselves in a position to pull one of the greatest upsets of all times. While the Laurentians who were faced with a number of player setbacks early in this season, regrouped, rebuilt and managed a 3rd place finish on the season. Then in the play-offs they took a great soccer team, Mount Pearl, to OT before the game was decided. They also put themselves in a position to clinch victory in their semi-final game. Both St.Lawrence and the Feildians must look to the future but for the remainder of 2011 they should go around with their head held high for their overall performance in 2011.


Photo's from the 2011 Challenge Cup Semi Finals

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