NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, August 15, 2011

Holy Cross and St. Lawrence split weekend series

August 14, 2011

St. Lawrence - 2 vs Holy Cross - 0

On Sunday, the St.Lawrence Laurentians came up with what can be described as the greatest upset in NL soccer thus far in 2011. The 3rd place Laurentians, who at times this year appears totally unorganized with their system of play, upended the heavily favoured 1st place Holy Cross team. The Laurentians are in a rebuilding stage. However, it was the Laurentians changing of their system of play, plus the maneuvering of some of their key players, that created the upset. Laurentians coach, Jim Loder got away from his 2011 three players defensive unit and instead went with the traditional four backs, pairing up Clinton Edwards and Marc Pittman in the center back position. In fact the old system worked what I would call, " A Laurentian miracle." This was followed up by veteran Andrew Perrott being positioned into the center mid -field position . Next, came what I would say was the most crucial move. The Laurentians, who have struggled all season looking for a bonafide striker, started young Sean Edwards in the striking position. Edwards answered the call with flying colors. He got himself into the game early, challenging for the 50/50 balls while giving out and taking a few good old knocks. He scored a beauty at the 19 minute mark on a volley, and in the second half, he outran and out skilled the Holy Cross fullbacks as he scored his second of the game at the 65 minute.
Both teams learned a lesson
There is no doubt that both teams will benefit from this match. Cross, who are certainly the team to beat this season, have to realize that it is never a given that you are going to win. While the Laurentians must realize they must play and work a system that benefits your players.

Saturday - August 13, 2011
Holy Cross - 2 vs St. Lawrence -0

Holy Cross continued their winning ways on Saturday as they walked into St.Lawrence and dominated the Laurentians in nearly every aspect of the game, winning their 16th straight game of the season. St.Lawrence did have a few moments in the first 20-25 minutes of the game but that would be it. Holy Cross rookie Michael Brushett, scored at the 36 and 40 minute mark while Colin Doyle posted the shut-out.

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