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Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Flashback – Keith Farrell

Keith Farrell began playing junior soccer in 1966 and moved to the senior St. Lawrence club in 1967. He was a member of the St. Lawrence Laurentians who won ten consecutive provincial championships and captured two-------------------------------------------

Keith Farrell


1. What is the biggest change in soccer you have seen in the last 50 years?


2. You must have some great old stories about soccer. Would you mind sharing a few of those stories with us?


3. Would you mind sharing some of your memories from the 70’s games when St. Lawrence played their arch rivals Grand Bank and Holy Cross?


4. You have always been a great supporter of the St. Lawrence Laurentians. Realistically, how much longer can St. Lawrence continue to survive as a dominant force at both provincial and national soccer?


5. Name three of the greatest players that you ever played with?



6...Name three of the greatest players that you ever played against?


7. In general, what’s do you feel the future holds for soccer in Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer?

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