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Friday, April 3, 2009

60,000 Hits

Gearing up for the 2009 Soccer Season

Blog has 60, 000

Last winter I did ED-3801, a Multi- Media Course at MUN. Presently I am teaching at the College of the North Atlantic and as a part of my contract for employment, I was required to complete a Post- Secondary Certificate from Memorial. Actually, word had it that ED 3801 was supposed to be one of the hardest courses to complete ( I got 90% in the course).
However needless to say, I loved the Multi-Media course because I have a lot of interest in any form of media. I also felt this form of media would be a perfect forum for soccer in Newfoundland Labrador.
Blog's Goal
Hopefully, you enjoy my Blog. My ultimate goal for the Blog is to get 550,000 hits; that's one hit for every person that lives in our province. To date, my Blog has averaged 6,000 hits a month. Yes, our snow is now slowly disappearing and I am certainly looking forward to the 2009 season. My Blog and my Coach's Corner will again be very active this summer.I have also registered at MUN this summer to do some additional studies. So no doubt, it will be a very busy season ahead for me. I am enjoying the work that goes along with being VP of Senior Men's Soccer with the NLSA. I am looking forward to the AGM. It should be very interesting !!!
Enjoy & Thanks !!
I must add a big thank you to Keith Walsh, Vicki Lockyer and Roger Slaney for the digital pictures that you guys sent to me in 2008.

Thanks for your support !!!

Gord Dunphy

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